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Sweetpea Tarot is made up of little old me. Jess, I'm a thirty something Yorkshire girl with a love of all things spirtual. 
The name comes from my grandparents, my mum and now my husband always calling me Sweetpea. I always said if I was ever a burlesque performer that would be my name, unfortunately 2 children later my sweetpeas are hanging a little low for tassles so I've adapted it to it. 
I've always been spirtual, with my first memories of my grandma telling me my fortune with playing cards and teaching me how to stir love and intentions into your cooking as a young child. I was visited by spirit at a young age an began manifesting a magical future even then, speaking to my guides when I needed them. I got my first tarot deck from my mum when I was about 13 and fell in love with them. 
My corporate career consisted of a Law degree and then weirdly going into the supermarket world. I worked in innovations withing ASDA an picked up my love for products an customers. 
After realising that corporate buzzwords and negotiating holidays wasn't for me, I left my full time job an Sweetpea tarot was born. I took on extra qualifications in reiki amongst other things and set out to help anyone I could live their best life. 
My ultimate goal is to help anyone who wants it, through spirtual guidance and the tarot, to reiki healing and now being able to offer my ever growing own products as tools to help is just the beginning. 
Goo Vibes Always
Jes xx

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